"Creepy roots music with panache."
Waylon Timbsdale, Roctober

"The lyrics are very passionate and the use of the acoustic guitar really complements the vibe of the album...8.8/10"
The Music Appraisal

"An excellent surprise! A very nice mix of elements of 80s college rock with distinctively gruff vocals."

Audio Lunchbox

Trakan's unique "Power Indie Folk" style is a careful blend of rock, pop, and folk. While his darkness, wit, and lyrical rage provoke comparisons to Frank Black, Bob Mould, or The Replacements, his clever use of instrumentation and arrangement creates something utterly distinctive.

A storyteller at heart, Trakan (pronounced "Tray-kin") enjoys putting dark and surreal twists on life's observations. Punishing his acoustic strings at every turn in the road, he fixates on themes ranging from love lost and time wasted to corporate oppression and his shameless infatuation with the weather.






The ten songs on the Paper Airplane Pilots' sophomore effort, "Western Automatic Music," deliver not only great hooks, lyrics and arrangements that made their debut a fan favorite, but also a literate depth and sonic cohesion that is sure to make this one a true power pop hallmark.

One can only wonder what new summits lie in store for this band in the near and far future, but if "Western Automatic Music" is an indication of things to come, the Paper Airplane Pilots are well on their well to building a rare and exceptional body of work.