This power trio combines all your favorite elements of the Cars, Elvis Costello, Badfinger and Rockpile on their Spade Kitty debut.

Anchored by traditional power pop, melodic mid-tempo sing-a-longs and earthier roots rock, "It's Worth It For the Rumors" covers the entire spectrum of rock and roll without sacrificing a remarkably cohesive sound and consistent tone. Emotive lyrics and concise themes are well-placed on a strong foundation of top-notch musicianship and seasoned songwriting. Features Spade Kitty alums Matt Walters, Joe Goldberg, and Geoff Reynolds.




The ten songs on the Paper Airplane Pilots' sophomore effort, "Western Automatic Music," deliver not only great hooks, lyrics and arrangements that made their debut a fan favorite, but also a literate depth and sonic cohesion that is sure to make this one a true power pop hallmark.

One can only wonder what new summits lie in store for this band in the near and far future, but if "Western Automatic Music" is an indication of things to come, the Paper Airplane Pilots are well on their well to building a rare and exceptional body of work.