Roxy Swain's sophomore LP features a revamped lineup and new approach, blending elements of early 70s roots rock retro rock, soul with more modern nuances and flourishes. The band's wide range of influences are distilled into a well-crafted sound that is as infectious as it is unique.


Formed out of the remnants of Chicago groups Loomis and The Three Fifths, Roxy Swain wields traditional 70s power pop band with a feminine twist on their debut release New Love Designers. Distorted, chiming guitars and a solid rhythm section anchor a set of hook-laden songs rife with influences ranging from Guided by Voices to New Pornographers.



Building on the promise of 2009's New Love Designers, The Spell of Youth is a dynamic, vibrant slice of an emerging group. The 9 tracks distill retro-rock, new wave, punk and indie stylings within a consistent power pop structure. Throughout, Roxy Swain prove once again that their strong songwriting, instrumental mettle and sense of arrangement are the perfect backdrop for which they can showcase the powerful voice of Roxy herself, as well as the supplemental voices of Tom Valenzano and the rest of the group.