"I'm really digging The Red Plastic Buddha."...
Greg Kot, Sound Opinions, The Chicago Tribune

"That feeling that only sixties music gives me, like something’s building up in your chest as the song works up to its conclusion. It’s heavy, man."

Kris Larson, Online Rock

"painted landscapes of layered sounds provided by the guitars, keyboards, and percussion parts all intertwined with vocal harmonies that take you back to the carefree spirit of an earlier time"
Indie Music Stop

Weaving melodies that swirl like the images inside a kaleidoscope, Chicago’s Red Plastic Buddha have crafted an amazing psychedelic debut. The songs on Sunflower Sessions very nearly drip with lysergic influence, and although you'll hear Barrett’s Pink Floyd, Love, the Soft Machine and the 13th Floor Elevators, the Red Plastic Buddha bring a new level of energy and excitement to the genre.

Unabashed studio fiends, the Red Plastic Buddha spent 18 months at Strobe Recording patiently recording this release. The result is a gleaming silver spaceship of sound, bursting at the seams with light and energy.






The ten songs on the Paper Airplane Pilots' sophomore effort, "Western Automatic Music," deliver not only great hooks, lyrics and arrangements that made their debut a fan favorite, but also a literate depth and sonic cohesion that is sure to make this one a true power pop hallmark.

One can only wonder what new summits lie in store for this band in the near and far future, but if "Western Automatic Music" is an indication of things to come, the Paper Airplane Pilots are well on their well to building a rare and exceptional body of work.