"... a flair for this sort of unaffected lyrical picture painting throughout Ethan -- even if (they're) only using the primary colors, the results are clear-eyed and expressive. Hop on Pop's instrumentation takes some delightful detours, too."

"A pop band doing the best a pop band can. A cross between Ben Folds and Evan Dando, this four-piece is a very decent band-o ... the band's catchiness starts and rarely stops."  
Illinois Entertainer

"Bouyant indie pop/rock that’s willing to zig AND zag."
Parasol Records

“As drawn by Ethan, Age 2” illustrates influences ranging from Big Star to Hank Williams, from Guided By Voices to Super Furry Animals, from Kinks to Syd Barrett. And even as band arrangements grew brilliantly complex, Todd’s powerful songwriting, lyrical wit and melodic command boldly shine through to create a masterpiece of pop array.

Brilliantly recorded, mixed and mastered by Veteran Mark Schwarz (Neko Case, Chamber Strings, Freakwater), “As Drawn by Ethan, Age 2” is everything one can hope for in a pop debut...a high level of songwriting and an equally high level of originality. Enjoy.



“Chicken on a Bicycle” is the culmination of Hop on Pop’s singular vision. As Todd Leiter-Weintraub only hinted at in the debut, his uncanny ability to act as a pop chameleon has become even more accentuated and unique.  In an era when music is too often streamlined and compartmentalized, Todd is refreshingly expansive, radically inclusive and jarringly unpredictable, drawing from all methods of the musical madness that has influenced him over the course of a 20-year career as a songwriter. “Chicken on a Bicycle” is the perfect tribute to eclecticism, and one that a music lover of every genre can enjoy.