"way more fun than you can imagine"
Cosmik Debris

"solid rhythms....unique instrumentation...rootsy"

Erstwhile pub-rock stalwarts raised on barroom floors slick with beer and sweat, and weened from open mics where rusted microphones rule, this roots-rock quintet owes its legacy to Rockpile and Brinsley Schwartz tinged with dustie'd soul and neo-funk.

An intentionally amusing and off-the-cuff throwback, this set of tunes predates self-consciously retro outfits of the mid 00s. Although its roots lie in mostly 70s rock, there are hints of 80s neo-funk and hard rock dotted throughout, which makes it a retrospective broad in scope and style. The operative word for Rockwell is fun with a capital F, as this album proves that its way more fun to get down to the business of rock and roll than waste very much time thinking about it.