Spade Kitty Records was originally founded in the fall of 1994 in the spirit of releasing great local independent music.








Initially, the boutique label was a limited vinyl and cassette-only launching pad for independent artists at Northwestern University, including indie-rockers Wendyfix and Remy, acoustic duo Not Without My Daughter, and Ohio-based noise artist Burning-Star-Core. After relocating to Chicago in the spring of 1997, the label switched to a compact disc medium and began to focus on showcasing turn of the century indie pop and rock artists such as Post Office, Olde Style, The Me Decade, and Bestcellar. The label continued to evolve in the 2000s and sign other acts, such as Paper Airplane Pilots, The Red Plastic Buddha, the Pralines, Hop on Pop, Trakan and Roxy Swain. Spade Kitty has also launched a distribution arm to promote additional local acts such as The Get and Heather Perry and the _______'s. In 2013, the label announced in first vinyl release in almost 19 years - Roxy Swain's sophomore LP "Restless Hearts"

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